Welsh Cob (Sec C)

I have a great fondness of capturing the majestic nature and personality of horses, even as a still image it is clear how much intellect, compassion and depth they have.


This has been a recurring theme for me in my art. My wife loves St Joseph lilies, they were her mother’s favorite flower, so we often have them on the kitchen table. I have painted several along the way, but they have been sold of given away as gifts. This time I wanted to paint a painting dedicated to Lindsay.

So right from the beginning as I started with the deep red passionate background I was determined to bare my soul and allow the passion to ooze out of my fingers and onto the canvas. This is an expression of my vulnerable sexual self. I set out from the beginning to create a contrast of raw passion and soft delicate sensitive petals of the flowers. I wanted to be brave and offer Lindsay the whole of myself as I am.

Swallow falls

This interestingly is my second painting of the falls. My first painting was in acrylics and I became obsessed with painting waterfalls and I stumbled across this picture on line not knowing much about it but aware all the same of my attraction to the falls and my compulsion to paint them. The picture hung in our lounge for a few years before I donated it to life line South Africa where it was hung in the waiting area for victims of rape and violent crimes. I was unable to pay for the transport of the picture when we emigrated to Wales in 2009. In 2011 we then stayed at a B&B just outside Betsy-y-coed, North Wales and visited swallow falls where it only struck me then that this was the scene I’d painted several years previous. This inspired me to paint another canvas of the falls, this time in oils.

As I engaged in the painting it started to become real. I could hear the roar of the water rushing towards me, the smell of warm, damp undergrowth. I hold these experiences in my mind whilst a paint as I believe that these experiences are fused into the painting which in turn enhances the experience for my audience. Water holds a certain fascination for me as I’m sure it does for others. As I paint water, I’m aware of its’ fluid elusive nature, It’s both nurturing and yet collectively massively corrosive.