My philosophy

I like to think of everything as connected, whether it be the mind and the body, the people in the world or just what we may see as inanimate objects. With this in mind I feel that it’s not always easy to describe the connections we have around us and, so we need other outlets, such as art to express, externalise and release the things we build up.

My Tools

Other than the physical tools you may expect to talk about, a paintbrush, a canvas or pencil. I utilise conceptual tools such as mindfulness to help me create an “inner environment” in which I’m able to bring myself into the now and be able to relay my art to its medium.

“Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.” – Kabat-Zinn

‘Behind the Art’

When I start creating a piece of art I allow myself to become vulnerable and open. This provokes feelings of excitement, fear and the unknown in me. I become still within myself, through mind and body. From the air passing through my nose and lungs to the tingle of hair standing up on the back of my neck the whole process of my work makes me feel unconditionally loved and overwhelmed. At this point, I realise how human I am, how clumsy and awkward I can be and this flows naturally into my artwork. Watching my pictures take shape can harvest a plethora of emotions and feelings.

My background

I was raised in South Africa and have traveled widely across the world to experience different cultures and ways of life, I qualified as an integrated Councillor and this is my everyday work. Understanding the nature of the human condition and having such a pleasurable invitation into the lives of so many people allows me to learn more about myself and in turn has given me more insight and ability to feel and transfer so much more into my art.